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Monday, 15 April 2013

Felt Toys and Decorations

The children are having their autumn break so I brought out the felt and sewing things and gave them another hand sewing lesson. This time I had them making felt toys or decorations. These are the steps that I used:

1. Children decide on what they want to make - it could be an animal, food, whatever. They then draw their design onto paper.

2. Choose the felt to use.

3. Trace the outline of the design onto the main felt. Cut out two of this - one for the front and the other for the back.

4. Cut out the parts to the design. For example, the penguin required the white body part and yellow eyes, beak, wings and feet. The cup cake design required that the front and back be alike so 2 cherries, 2 icing and 2 patty cases were needed.

5. Layer each part and sew, using a running stitch, as you go. For example, the yellow eyes and beak were sewn onto the white part. This white part is then sewn onto the black outline. The yellow wings and feet were sewn onto the black outline as well.

6. Sew the front design to the back leaving a gap to fill with stuffing. Once the stuffing is in then sew the opening close. Attach a ribbon to the top of the design if desired (for hanging).

It's always a pleasant surprise for me to witness children's creativity. They designed these on their own. It is much better that we allow children to come up with their own ideas rather than have them make something to our specifications. 

The finished products, from design to product.
These were made by my nieces, age 13 and 14 years.

The frog and poke ball were made by my sons, age 11 and 8 years.
The Muslim doll was started by me but I didn't have time to finish it as I was teaching the children to do theirs. (Details in this post.)

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