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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Muslimah Dolls

Here is the Muslimah doll (the purple one) that I started to make during the children's hand sewing lesson. It was so quick and looked so cute that I made others. I made them slightly differently for each one, giving them their own look. You could, of course, add in the facial features if you wish. It would have been better if I had brown or skin colour felt for the face. I only had black and white so I had to made do.

These make great gifts for children or I was thinking of making a few more and give them to the local Muslim Women's Association to give to hospital patients when they visit them. What I would do is make a tag then attach them with a ribbon around the doll's neck. On the tag I would quote the Qur'an or hadeeth with something like "Allah is with those who are patient" or "With every hardship there is ease". It would make a lovely reminder and gift to those who are sick.

Below are the steps to make the dolls:

1. Cut out the pieces that you need.

2. Sew the face and any other decorative pieces onto the hijab using a running stitch.

3. Sew the hijab piece only at the bottom edge to one of the body piece using a running stitch.

4. Sew all the way around the outside of the doll using a blanket stitch. Leave a gap so that you can fill it with stuffing.

5. Once the stuffing is in then continue to sew using the blanket stitch to close the doll.

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