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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How to Make a Mosaic Flower Placemat

If you know me then you'll know that I've been making coasters and small square boxes with children. The reason is because the small square shape is easy for children to work with - easy to fill and quick to do. Which was why I started this placemat project a while ago but never finished. But I decided that I will get this done and I did. So here are the instructions.

A rectangular wooden placemat
Mosaic tiles, colour of your choice. Here I'd chosen beige, lilac, soft pinks, dark purple and contrastig soft blue and green
PVA glue
Small paintbrush
Glass cutter
Grout, white


1. Use the paintbrush to glue a line of dark border onto the placemat. Then glue your design in the middle of the placemat. Here I've made a blue vase with 3 flowers.

2. Glue another border, only on the top and bottom edges.

3. Glue another colour border inside of the first two borders.

4. Fill in the background by glueing in the background coloured tiles.

5. For the background behind the flowers and leaves, I used the glass cutter to cut the tiles into shape to fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Glue these into place.

6. Mix the grout powder with water until you get a paste - not too runny and not too thick. Spread this over the whole tiles on the placemat.

7. Use your fingered glove to push the grout into all the spaces between the tiles, making sure that all spaces have been fillled. 

8. Wipe all the excess grout off. You can tape the placemat lightly on a table to knock out any air pockets. Leave to dry completely overnight.

9. Once it's completely dry, use a damp cloth to wipe any remaining grout off. and there you have it. You can use it as a placemat, a wall decoration or even a trivet.

If you've enjoyed that and are going to make one, please comment and send me pictures. I'd love to see them.

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