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Monday, 16 November 2015

Stripe Knitted Blanket Using Leftover Yarn From Other Projects

Stripe Knitted Blanket
What you do you when you have too many different coloured yarn leftover from other projects? They were taking too much room and they were just sitting there. They had to go! It then came to me that the quickest way to use up all of them was to knit a blanket.

You might recognise some of the colours from my past craze of knitted beanies from a couple of years ago. I'm over with beanies (well knitted beanies for the moment) so I'll not likely use the yarns again. Now I have a very useful blanket for those cold days when I'm sitting at my computer typing away...

Here's how I've made it:

1. Cast on 150 stitches.
2. Using 10mm needles, knit using garter stitch all the way until the yarn of one colour finishes then attach another coloured yarn and continue.
3. To knit the border, knit up stitches evenly along one edge of the blanket. Knit in garter stitch and increase one stitch at the end of each alternate row (this will give you the mitre edge). Knit until desired width then cast off loosely. Repeat for the three remaining edges.
4. Join the edges of the corner borders. 
5. Get ready for some snuggle time.

The white border gives it a nice finish.

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