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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Valentine Patchwork Heart Shopping Bag

Yes, it's another bag and yes, it's another patchwork heart. But this time I've combined the two and made it into a bag. Here's how I made it:


1. First, I made the patchwork heart. Go here to download the instructions on how to make the patchwork heart.

2. Once you have the patchwork heart then sew a black border around the heart.

3. Sew a strip of red fabric (the same fabric as the herat) on either side of the vertical black border.

4. Lay the whole piece over the remaining red fabric and cut the red fabric out, following the patchwork piece. (Use the black fabric and cut 2 more pieces the same size as this. These 2 black peices will be used as the lining of the bag - or you can skip this part and not lined the bag).

5. Sew the sides and the bottom of the two pieces together as you would for a bag. (Do the same for the fabric pieces.)

6. Sew the bottom corners of the bag (and lining) to make a box shape.

7. Cut 2 red fabric rectangles for the straps. Sew in the edges and attach to the bag. Attach lining. (If not making lining then turn in the hem of the bag opening and then attach the straps.)


If you love hearts then this bag is for you. If ot then it'll make a great gift for someone you love.

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