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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Heart Mobiles

These heart mobiles started out as individual hearts. I wanted a simple sewing activity for students (more on this in another post). They looked so nice that I decided to string them together and as a personal touch I added letters to make names. They have made wonderful personalised gifts!

As you can see from the photo above, the stitch used to attach the letters is a simple running stitch and the stitch to attach the front and back hearts together is a blanket stitch.

They are double sided. One side has the heart within a heart pattern and the other side has the letters. I threaded them together with a thin ribbon. What I like about them is that when they are hung from the ceiling or doorway, each heart would gently twirl like a mobile.

An optional extra is that sometimes I would add fragrance oil to a cotton ball and put it inside with the stuffing. It then becomes a scented heart mobile!



I've also made plain ones as well. The options are could use different colour combinations and different stitches too. 

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