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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Patchwork Squares Quilt

This was the first ever quilt that I made many years ago before I married. I made it for my single bed and it was lovingly used. After I got married I packed it away and it has been in storage, forgotten at the bottom of my things. Recently, I went through my old things and discovered it. My youngest son saw it and grabbed it. He covered himself with it and said that it has my smell. He has since used it on his own bed. Maybe it will become an antique heirloom to be passed onto his children....?! 

For this quilt, I used mainly blues and green printed fabrics. At that time, I did a lot of sewing for children so I had plenty of fabric leftovers. (I also made a pink quilt which you could see a bit of it at the top of this blog as the background photo for the name 'Sew Easy So Crafty'.) I had cut them into squares then randomly placed them in rows. I also sewed a border around the whole quilt and this border fabric was also used as squares for the quilt. (You may wonder at the odd shape of the quilt. I actually laid it over my couch to take the photo because my sons have bunk beds and it was difficult to take it there.)

My other child is quite upset that he doesn't have one and has been constantly reminding me to make him another. I actually made him a baby quilt when he was born but he said that it is too small (this is the quilt below called "Twinkle Little Star"). So I am looking around for a really quick quilt to make. 

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