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Monday, 21 October 2013

Knitted Stripy Beanie With Or Without A Flower For Children

Knitting a beanie is so quick - it gives you instant gratification. I used to start out knitting jumpers for myself when I was younger but I never finished anyone of them. Then when I got married and had children, I decided to knit baby clothing. I reasoned that since they were on a smaller scale then I would be able to finish it. But no - I never finished a single one. One day, however, I decided to knit booties for my nephew and guess what? I finished it. It turned out well and I felt so good for finally finishing a knitting project that I made several. The lesson here is if you're anything like me then it is better to knit something really small!

As a result, this past Winter, I had decided to knit beanies. One was easily finished so I made quite a few...

These are girls' beanies made from 1 pattern:

Baby girls' beanies:

Baby boys' beanies:

Boys' beanies:

You've got to try to knit a beanie. It is so quick and you could add your own special touch to it.

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