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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How to Jazz Up a Maxi Skirt


The blue skirt on the left photo above was made by my sewing student. She wanted to learn to sew a plain skirt. Instead of sewing a totally plain skirt, I wanted to teach her how to make a gather so I chose this pattern with the gathered flounce.

New Look 6054
For a special occasion, I needed something a bit fancier. So I used the same pattern but added soft tulle to the flounce. I cut it a bit longer than the flounce so it would stick out underneath by about 3cm. I laid the flounce over the tulle and gathered both together and attched it to the skirt piece.

Once the flounce was attached, I sewed a length of lace above the gathered seam. It looked quite nice. And that's how you can jazz up a plain maxi skirt.


  1. Okkkkkkay!
    That's something I like :-)
    We -in general- sew in the family. We would always welcome similar ideas :-D

    1. Glad you like it. I actually made the black skirt for one of the previous Eids.