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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Upcycle Flower

I've been feeling inspired by the flower book that I bought but due to lack of supplies I've been frustrated as well. Being in a different country at the moment because I'm on holidays makes it difficult to find supplies - I'm not even sure where to find a craft store. But inspiration came when I was going through my old clothes.

I've left some clothes here at my in-laws because every so often we would have our holiday here. Some of the clothes have been worn out or were too small for me. I was riffling through the luggage of old clothes when I saw my old petticoat. There was a bit of lace at the bottom...

What else could I do but to cut it off and use it to make a flower? I asked my mother-in-law for a needle, some thread and a pair of needles. Then I looked through the flower book to get ideas and this was what I did:

1. Cut off the lace edge of old petticoat or slip.

2. Hand sew a running stitch along the cut edge of the lace.

3. Pull the thread to create gathers along the whole length of the lace.

4. Start at one end and roll the lace all the way to the other end. Hand sew the back of the flower to hold it into place.

5. This is the front. It was a bit plain so I looked around for something to embellish it. I found an old flower brooch that someone gave me a long time ago that I never used and I attached it to the middle of the flower.

I could use this flower for decorating a hair clip, attach it to a safety pin and use it as a brooch or maybe even use it as a decoration for a gift - I'll probably use it as a gift decoration.

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