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Monday, 4 July 2016

Easy Star Card to Make

This card is so easy and versatile. You can give this card to congratulate someone, to give a 'star' award to your child, as a thank you, a farewell card, or even an Eid card to someone you know.

These are the instructions:

1. Take a piece of cardboard and make a tri fold as pictured below.

2. Find two complimentary paper and cut to fit on the two front flaps.

3. Cut out two stars, one smaller than the other, from two complimentary paper.

4. Glue the small star onto the bigger star.

5. Glue half the star onto the left front flap, leaving the right side free.

6. Cut s strip from another complimentary paper. You can write in the greeting on this strip. Glue this strip above the star, with half of it hanging free, as shown in picture 8.

7. This is optional: since the blue cardboard is quite dark and hard to write on, find a matching light coloured paper to cut to fit inside the writing area. Glue.

8. And there you have the finished star card. Find a matching envelop and you're ready to give it away.

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