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Thursday, 2 July 2015

How to Get New Ideas for Your Crafts

Have you ever run out of ideas for what to make next? You’ve sewn so many bags that it gets kind of boring and they don’t look unique any more. Or you’ve knitted so many beanies and you’re looking for a fresh take on it. I know I have.

Sometimes you just want to find someone else’s instructions and follow their exact directions to make a new craft. But at other times, you want to take an idea that you spot and improve upon it until you make it your own.

What are some of the places that you look for to get new ideas? Below are some of the places that I’d go to find new ideas for crafts.

Books, Magazines and Catalogues
I admit that I’m a bookworm and that I have stacks of books and magazines. I can get so many new ideas from just one craft book or magazine.

If you don’t want to spend too much then you can get free craft catalogues. Not only do they contain new products that could trigger an idea but they will sometimes contain instructions on how to make things or they will tell you where to go online to download for free.

A search on the internet can get you thousands of ideas. You type in your specific craft or hobby to find the new links to new ideas.

Social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are great places to keep up with new craft ideas. Don't forget to check out the blogs and websites of others to get creative once again.

Craft Shows
Attend craft shows as a customer. Browse the aisles and aisles of tables. There’s always someone coming up with a new way of doing things.

Talk to the vendors; find out where they get their ideas and where they find their craft materials. Take a sample of any new products on offer.

Craft Shops
Sometimes just seeing a piece of fabric will trigger some ideas. Maybe it’s the print or design or the way it coordinates with other fabrics.

There are always free instruction sheets on different types of crafts available at craft shops. They’re free as incentives for customers to buy the products.

Garage and Estate Sales
Garage sales are a wonderful playground for crafters. You can find so many goodies to turn into crafts. Doilies, lace curtains, table runners and even half finished craft projects are treasures waiting to be found. Teacups and crockery make great mosaic pieces.

If you have never been to an estate sale, grab a newspaper and get ready to hit the road. Items such as an old sewing kit filled with different and interesting buttons or ribbons can make any crafter smile with glee. Parts and pieces from old watches and stopwatches, as well as pins, brooches, and charms are useful for the jewellery crafter.

The next time you’re stuck for ideas, head over to one of these places to get your creative juices flowing.  Are there any other places that you go to get ideas? I’d love to hear them. Please comment below.

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