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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Crochet Bottle Holders

Bottle holders are soooo handy! We often go bushwalking and every time we go my husband would be the one to carry all our bottles in his backpack. It's always inconvenient as whenever we need a drink we would have to stop my husband and get the bottles or we would have to wait until my husband decides to stop and let us have the bottles.

Water bottle holders are the solution. Everyone carry their own bottle and we can drink whenever we want. You might ask why don't we carry our own bottles - well when you go bushwalking you don't want to carry or hold anything. These bottle holders have a strap that cross over the shoulder so it makes the bottle quite light.

They're also great for kid's excursions or day outs when you need to have a bottle with you. they are extremely handy for any occassion!

For the green one you see above, I used this pattern. It looks nothing like the original. I don't know what I did that's different except maybe it was the type of yarn that I used. and the needle size. It didn't turned out half way so I changed the rest of the pattern to my own. Don't ask me what I did, I just did whatever.

The next one that I made was from this pattern. I started out using that pattern but like the first one, it didn't turned out right so I did my own thing once again. I used a cotton yarn for this one. You can't really tell from the photo below but this one was a lot less bulky or chunky. It was finer and looked nicer.

I made it while we were overseas and I gave it to my husband's niece. I forgot to take a photo of the bottle holder and this was the best picture that I could find of it. Since it was for a girl I decided to crochet a flower and attach it to the holder. You can hardly see it as it's facing the other way. Anyway, amazingly I took a photo of the flower and this was what it looked like:

Things I would do to improve the bottle holders next time.

1. Use a cotton yarn and not the acrylic ones since cotton yarns are thinner and finer. The finished product looks much nicer, well at least to me anyway. Likewise, use a smaller needle.

2. Make the strap shorter than the actual length that you want because it will stretch. See in the first photo of the green bottle holder where it is at a nice length? I took that photo just after I finished it and hasn't been used yet. Well after about half an hour it stretched and ended almost to the knee. So I had to tie a knot at the top of the shoulder. Now look at the purple bottle holder, that was taken a while after it was used and it was almost to her knee. The water bottle is heavy so it will stretch the strap.

3. I need to sew all the petals down otherwise they will start to wilt (droop) or fold inwards. 

I'm not giving up on bottle holders. I am making another one! Soon! After I find a really easy pattern.

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