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Thursday, 31 March 2016

How to Make a Pocket Pouch that Attaches to A Belt

Pocket Pouch Attached to Belt
I'm not sure what to call this - belt pouch or pocket pouch - but my teenager has recently picked up a new interest. It's things to do with survival. Maybe he's been watching too many Bear Grylls (my husband's favourite show) or read too many Ranger's Apprentice type books or maybe it's just a boy thing - I don't know. 

But he recently asked me if I could make him a pouch that he can attach to his belt to carry things. I had no idea what that was so I searched it on the internet. There are so many different pouches and no patterns or instructions on how to make one.

What can I do but to design my own one with instructions on to how it should look like from my son. We came up with this one. 


Small fabric of khakil cotton drill (I had leftover scrap fabric from sewing a skirt with this fabric)
2 belt rings
10cm velcro

1. Cut out one 20cm by 25cm rectangle and one 20cm by 18cm rectangle.

2. Hem the 20cm edge of the smaller rectangle then lay it on top of the larger rectangle, right sides together. Sew the seam along the three sides as shown in photo.

3. Hem the larger rectangle as shown along the top and overhanging sides.

4. Overlock or zigzag the seams to avoid fraying.

5. Make a box edge by sewing the two corners as shown.

6. Turn the pouch inside out.
Flap open

Flap down

7. To make the strap to loop around belt: Cut a srip of fabric 22cm by 7cm, fold in half lengthwise and sew a seam along the long length and on short length.

8. Turn it inside out through the unsewn open edge.

9. Take the 2 belt rings (I used the ones from my son's old belt) and sew the strip to the rings.

10. Sew the strip to the back od the pouch.
Flap open

Flap close
I suppose I could have made 2 loops instead of this strap but my son wanted to easily take the pouch off without having to take the belt off. This is the easier option that I could think of. If I had to make another pouch I would do something that can attach to the belt at each top corner instead of at the middle of the pouch. It sort of sags at the corners doing it this way as it needs the support at the two top corners.

11. Sew the velcro onto the pouch, one on the flap and the other on the smaller recttangle as shown. (My sewing machine couldn't sew on the velcro so I had to hand sew it.)

12. Close the pouch and you're done.

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