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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

High Teas and Tea Cosies

Last year, one of my sisters took all of us sisters and her nieces to have high tea with her. She normally has tea at those high end hotels but one of our nieces receommended this little tea shop. So we travelled by train into the city to this quaint little place called the Tea Cosy. Obviously, the main attraction was the tea cosies. They served tea in teapots covered with tea cosies and they even sell them as well.

Normally, I'm not a fan of tea cosies because I have lovely teapots that would be spoilt by covering them up.

But after our tea I felt inspired to knit or crochet one (maybe to give as a present). So I searched on the internet and found some really lovely ones.

I just love this one at whydidntanyonetellme

And this at Justjen

My sister says she prefers having tea at the expensive hotels because there you get the real English high teas which are more elegant (without the tea cosies). But if you prefer something homestyle then quaint little tea shops are the go.

I searched Amazon and found this amazing book. Just looking at the cover makes me want to look inside.

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  1. Oooo! This is so very extremely lovely! :-D
    Your pots are very elegant, mashaAllah...
    You have a very elegant classic taste! Interests me ALOT!

    P.S: High tea? I am not sure I got the concept!

    1. Yes, they are quite old too.

      People nowadays just call having a tea party as high tea maybe because it sounds more posh but originally high tea was served later in the day at around 6pm (as compared to afternoon tea at around 4pm - then again nowadays hotels will serve afternoon tea any time). We actually had our tea at 11am. I guess high tea sounds more posh than afternoon tea or plain ol' tea party! :)

  2. OOooohhh, I am in love! Beautiful tea, tea cozies and crochet! MashaAllah Jameela, you are one talented lovely lady!