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Friday, 15 April 2016

Make a Stripe Bag in 3 Different Ways

I've made the horizontal stripe bag before but I had so much fabric left that I decided to make more. But instead of making them all the same I decided to make the stripes for each bag go a different way. So here you have a bag with horizontal stripes, another with vertical stripes and the last one with diagonal stripes.

Which one do you think is the nicest? I can't decide. I like them all! The colours are so pretty and goes really nicely together.

Stripe bags are so easy to make. You don't need much fabric. Just cut strips of fabric into whatever thickness you want. None of my strips are the same in width if they are then it's just coincidence. I just randomly cut them and sew them together lengthwise until I got the width that I wanted.

(You might notice that these are the same fabrics that I've used in my 2 lap quilts. The thing with patchwork is that you don't need much fabric to start with. These bags are great for using any leftover scraps that you have. And yet I still have a bit leftover. These are really scrappy now but I can't bring myself to throw them out. I could still make one more thing with them!)

The important thing to remember on how to place the strips is usually to place opposites next to each other. So place a dark strip next to a light one then next to the light one place a dark one and so on. Also, place a large print next to a small print then a large print again. 

It's a general rule of thumb and it usually works. If you're sewing it as you go then you can also place the next strip next to the previous one and so how you like it. 

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